So you have the perfect book, film, or TV show idea – now you need others to buy in. Maybe you’re seeking investors, an agent, a publisher, a network, or a bigger studio’s interest. To get attention, you’ll need a pitch deck or a proposal.

Book Proposals

I’ve written at least 50 book proposals in my career and was really encouraged when editors told me they contained exactly the right amount of information needed. Between serving as an agent and having my own books published, I learned what to include (and exclude) as well as how to include the desired elements.

If you are unpublished and have a finished manuscript, or are previously published and have at least a partial manuscript, I’d be happy to talk with you about creating a book proposal designed to capture an agent’s or publisher’s interest.

Screen Projects (Film & TV)

The proposal for a film or TV project is called a “pitch deck” and contains information that is specifically tailored toward the deck’s desired end. Are you trying to get a “name” to sign on? Snag the interest of a potential investor? Communicate how your show or film fits in well with a network’s existing lineup? The purpose of your deck helps hone how you present your project’s information therein. If you need help figuring out which audience best suits your project’s current phase, and creating a deck targeted thereto, I’d love to chat with you and share examples from the decks I’ve written.

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