love writing books! Thus far, I’ve had the joy of writing four memoirs, five novels, and two novellas.

If you are interested in hiring someone to listen to your life story and write it in a compelling, thought-provoking manner, then maybe we should chat. I specialize in helping people who have experienced tragedy and who, by authentically sharing their experience, afford others an opportunity to learn and be inspired.


From a defrocked priest’s post-church life to meeting in a maximum security prison with a repentant serial murderer, I have listened to and re-told some incredible stories. Being allowed to hear someone’s personal story, to ask questions and really understand the depths in which they’ve lived and risen above and then share that story in a way that benefits others, is one of my life’s greatest gifts. These projects are six months to a year in the making and they are worth every single minute.

If your story is one that will give others hope, encouragement, or a how-to for living life better, I’d be honored to talk with you. Here are a couple examples of my memoir writing:

LIGHTS OUT: Living in a Sightless World 

This is the life story of Dr. Travis Freeman, who lost his eyesight at 12 years old and went on to play football blind. His story was in the inspiration for the film 23BLAST directed by Dylan Baker. Read an excerpt by clicking on the book’s cover below:


When Dean Smith’s stepfather killed Dean’s mother with Dean’s baseball bat, the family splintered. Dean cycled through anger, drug abuse, and apathy, only to arrive at the realization that freedom lay in forgiveness. Dean forgave his stepfather and walked other family members through the process of doing so as well. Read an excerpt by clicking on the book’s title below:



A character appears in my head. Maybe she’s walking down the street, talking. Maybe she’s in her apartment, sighing and wondering how to deal with what life just handed out. Whenever I sit down to write a novel, it starts with her. Her voice. Her world. Her experience. Below are the published novels I’ve written. (Click on each book cover to learn more.)


When I moved to exclusive Naples, Florida, I walked into a town filled with wealthy, accomplished retirees whose drama felt unparalleled. I began to write The Neapolitan Series of novels as a way to understand my new community’s inside gossip and travails. In doing so, I met a heroine who was going through a personal reformation as well. (Click on a cover below to learn more.)

If you’ve read the stories or need one to be written, I’d love to hear from you!

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