Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. I’m a writer, producer and communicator with nearly 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the media and entertainment industries.

I started out as a publicist at Thomas Nelson Publishers (now HarperCollins). Then I launched a literary PR firm that, over its nine year existence, served debut novelists and New York Times best-sellers. Along the way, five of my novels were published.

In this second decade of my career, I’ve written a few biographies and novellas, co-written and co-produced a television screenplay based on one of my novels, founded a non-profit geared to put the power of stories to positive cultural use, and then…

… launched out here solo. Today, I write, produce, and look for ways to put the power of writing toward positive means. Through it all, I value the tribe of writers and creatives within which I live and move and have authentic being.